The marine protected area of the Scoglietto

Sea, myth and geology

Residence Capobiancooverlooksa marine protected area, in a part of Elba rendered immortal by myth and history, and considered very special for the diversity of its geology and minerals.

 42*49’13.06”N – 10*18’47.91”E

Tourists used to our island being famous for “only” sea and sun ask us how this is possible, but the view from our Residence can transform a holiday into a journey of discovery: it is a fine vantage point for days of swims, walks, visits to places of artistic interest and food and wine itineraries.

Anyone who gets up to see the dawn or to take an early morning swim when the shore is still deserted can come back to breakfast by just climbing the few steps that separate the Residence from the beach, breathing in the tang of brine and the fragrances of the Mediterranean vegetation and listening to the murmur of the waves.

Spiaggia della Padulella, Elba

The area of the island of Elba’s coast where Residence Capobianco is located is known as the “Costa Bianca” due to the colour of its granite cliffs, which consist of “aplite”, a unique rock which formed about 8.5 million years ago.  Against the white cliffs, the sea bed appears aquamarine, with the gleam of pebbles dotted with bluish black “tourmaline” spots.  This rock’s unique characteristics were described in memorable pages by the very first visitors to the island, and it inspired the ancient Greeks in the telling of the myth of Jason and the Argonauts at the end of their legendary voyage around the Mediterranean.

The wonderful history of this area of sea still continues today. Safeguarded as part of an island which belongs to the UNESCO Tuscan Island Biosphere Reserve and protected by the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, it is in the heart of the International Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary. In 2022 an island just off Residence Capobianco called Scoglietto, a favourite place for diving surrounded by grouper, amberjack and large “meadows” of red gorgonia, was chosen to promote the value of the European network of marine protected areas, in line with the European Biodiversity Strategy 2030.

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